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Schools that are members of the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC) can now take advantage of the new partnership with K12itc, a national technology company exclusively for K-12 schools.

The partnership will provide Oklahoma schools advanced technology infrastructure and outsourced IT services at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

“The structure of our model has changed the game for K-12 schools nationwide,” said Brad Sandt, President of K12itc. “We have built a technology platform for schools that can bundle IT infrastructure, connectivity and support into one efficient package. We are thrilled to bring it to Oklahoma.”

This is OPSRC’s first partnership focused on technology infrastructure and connectivity.

“We are excited to launch our partnership with K12itc,” said OPSRC Executive Director Brent Bushey. “Our members have repeatedly expressed hardships keeping up with ever-changing technology needs and IT staff turnover. This collaboration will provide technology best practices at a reduced cost and enhance network security for our members.”

Today, K12itc provides outsourced IT to more than 75 school districts nationwide. K12itc is a Menlo, Inc. company.

For many reasons, IT services should be at the front of your mind for the upcoming school year. Online and hybrid learning have become the norm for the foreseeable future, and adapting to these ever-changing styles of learning is vital.

In addition, K-12 technology has progressed from just one computer lab to the core of how a school operates. In order for your school to run smoothly, your IT services need to be running smoothly too.

Is the 2021-2022 school year the year to outsource your IT? If you answer “no” to any of these of these questions, it may be time to consider outsourcing your K-12 technology department.

Are tech problems being solved in a timely manner?
Small IT departments can often become overrun with server issues, fixing chromebooks or tablets when they break, printer issues; the list goes on and on. It can be hard to keep up with these problems, especially when there is a limited amount of people available to solve them. Also, IT problems don’t always have a curfew. You need round-the-clock tech support for problems that may arise after the school day is over.

Is our IT infrastructure reliable?
Outdated or unreliable infrastructure can create long-lasting problems. IT closets can slowly become messy and make simple problems much more difficult. New devices and hardware are great, but when the infrastructure is old or faulty, they are hardly useful. Your IT infrastructure needs sustainable and secure hardware that works.

Are we making the best use of our IT budget?
It is hard to stay within budget with unexpected equipment costs, updates, and increasing payroll. Technology can be unpredictable, and expensive. An outsourced K-12 IT platform, like Albert, eliminates those worries by wrapping everything into one predictable monthly fee.

Is our current IT model efficient?
There are limits to what in-house IT can provide. For example, one problem might take a technician away for several hours, leaving other issues without resolution. Learning can’t wait, so quick access to support is important to keep a classroom running smoothly. Managed technology services make things simple by providing a robust team of engineers working well beyond the hours of a school day.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this may be the year for your school district to outsource your technology. K12itc’s Albert model is an effective way of providing IT infrastructure, connectivity, and support all in one platform. Contact us today to learn more about Albert and K12itc’s managed solutions.


Menlo, Inc., an innovator in managed information technology services, has been certified as a 2020-2021 Healthy KC Company by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. This is the first time the company has received the certification.

“In the times of COVID-19, access to health and wellness programs for our employees has never been more important,” Brad Sandt, president and CEO of Menlo said. “It is our opportunity to provide a healthy environment for our employees so they can thrive both inside and outside of the office. Their well-being is key to our company’s growth and success.”

Healthy KC is an initiative launched by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. In order to qualify for certification, businesses must excel based on five pillars; healthy eating, active living, tobacco cessation, work-life integration, and design-built environment. In these fields, Menlo was able to achieve gold-level status.

“We are excited to achieve Gold-Level status this year,” Richard Bustamante, Director of Finance and Human Resources at Menlo said. “We will continue to find ways to improve policies to maintain and exceed the high certification standards for future years.”

Menlo is one of 35 businesses to be Gold-level certified, and of those, one of just two based in the technology industry.

Menlo, Inc. is the parent company of K12itc and Civic ITC. We provide genius technology services and solutions to schools and communities nationwide.

K-12 focused company will deploy its Albert technology to provide managed IT services to two Arizona school districts.

Beginning July 1, 2020, Globe Unified School District and Bicentennial Union High School District – two high performing school districts in Arizona – will outsource their technology to K12itc, a technology company exclusively focused on K-12 schools.

K12itc will provide both school districts with Albert, a managed technology platform for K-12 schools.

“Albert and its groundbreaking technology will change the game for school districts in Arizona,” said Brad Sandt, President of K12itc. “We have a built a technology model for schools that can manage their IT infrastructures anywhere in the country. With looming budget cuts, Arizona made perfect sense as our next expansion state. These two school districts are positioning themselves as leaders in technology that will ultimately benefit their students, faculties and staffs.”

Globe Unified District and Bicentennial Union High School District are K12itc’s first school district clients in Arizona. With the addition of Arizona, K12itc now operates in 10 states: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

“We are excited about partnering with K12itc for our technology network in Globe,” said Mr. Jerry Jennex, Superintendent for schools at Globe Unified School District.  “As a rural district that finds it hard to keep up with ever changing technology needs, we believe that the power of K12itc’s infrastructure support will be transformational for our district’s growth in educational technology and network security.”

Today, K12itc provides managed services to more than 60 school districts nationwide. With K12itc’s growth not slowing down, the company will expand into the new headquarters of Menlo – parent company of K12itc and Civic ITC – in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District this Summer.

High School graduations have been curtailed because of the coronavirus pandemic. So K12itc, the leader in K-12 Technology, has teamed up with Cisco to provide free virtual graduations through Cisco Webex for the entire state of Kansas.

“Because Kansas schools have had to move to online learning to ensure the safety of their students, many graduates are missing their commencement ceremonies. High School Graduation is a significant milestone in your students’ lives,” said Brad Sandt, President of K12itc.

“High school graduates are in need of inspiration, reassurance and life advice as they head into the next chapter of their lives, and that is especially true this year. Cisco Webex will bring together students and staff for the graduation ceremony they each deserve, and we couldn’t be more excited to provide this free tool for Kansas Schools,” Sandt added.

Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. It will provide the most secure and reliable solution for virtual graduations.  K12itc will provide the initial set up of Cisco Webex for each district.

It goes without saying, COVID-19 has thrown a new challenge at schools, parents, and students. The big question on everyone’s mind is, Can we virtually educate in an effective, efficient, and secure manner?

The answer is YES! However, there are four essential areas your district will need to consider:

In order to implement a successful virtual learning environment, districts must utilize secure and reliable technology. For more information, please visit: k12itc.com

Hundreds (if not thousands) of school districts across the country have started to take advantage of managed technology services. This popular shift allows schools to focus on education, not on fixing miscellaneous technology issues that arise throughout the school year. But why have so many school districts decided to outsource their technology?

We have identified 5 telltale signs that will help you determine if your district is in need of a managed technology service. Take a look at them below:

1. There is lack of technology strategy and vision.

If you had to explain your district’s technology strategy and vision today, could you do it? For many, the answer is no. Whether the IT team owns the strategy and vision, or the responsibility is that of the school board or district leaders, everyone must share a common vision and strategy in order for technology to evolve and improve in the district. When there is no clear strategy, it is difficult to advance technology at the district.

2. IT can have high department turnover.

It’s no surprise that technology is a booming job market. Everyone is looking for talented technology resources. That means that your school district isn’t just competing with other local districts for tech talent. You’re competing with large and small businesses (both of which can typically pay a higher salary).

Once qualified technology staff are found, they often leave for a higher paying job within a matter of a few years. The best way to ensure that a district won’t run into technology staffing issues and turnover is by outsourcing its technology.

3. Your hardware can’t be trusted.

Do you have unreliable IT infrastructure? Messy closets? Do you experience regular interruptions to IT service? Are there long-standing problems within your network? If so, it may be time to consider a managed solution. Our Albert solution combines both hardware and service into one effective package. This ensures that a school district not only has the service that it needs, but it also has sustainable hardware that doesn’t go underutilized.

4. There are lengthy wait times for IT support.

Technology is imperative to an entire school district. In fact, most teachers rely on technology to effectively teach and communicate within their classrooms. Therefore, when technology support is needed, oftentimes, teachers expect immediate support and a quick fix to get back on track. Simply put, teachers cannot afford to wait days upon days for IT support. After all, the entire mission of a school is to teach its kids. And when technology goes haywire, learning can be greatly affected. Ensuring that your technology is reliable, and supporting teachers with quick technology fixes makes learning more productive.

5. Technology stats and reporting aren’t accessible or insightful.

Is your district tracking technology work orders? Do you track customer satisfaction? All district leaders need visibility to the technology statistics and reports that inform them as to whether their technology is working for them or against them. It’s important that school districts have Help Desk performance statistics as well as frequent updates about problem areas, advancements and future tech plans.

If your district is experiencing any of the issues above, it may be time to look into a managed technology solution. Our Albert platform, for instance,  simplifies and combines the way technology is delivered to schools. Albert and its strategic technology management empowers schools to take a big leap forward and is worth looking into if your district struggles with any of the telltale signs above.

Contact us today to learn more about Albert and our managed solutions.

There’s no doubt about it–when you weigh the options for your school district’s technology hardware, it’s hard not to go the cheapest route. After all, when budgets are strained, we typically look for the most inexpensive options. When it comes to hardware, cheaper is not always better . As a matter of fact, most “cheap” pieces of hardware end up costing school districts more money over time.

Cheap Hardware has a Shorter Life Cycle

This, in turn, ends up costing your school district more money in the long run. Yes, it may be satisfying to get a “great deal” on a firewall or an access point, but when you purchase the cheaper models, they don’t always hold up. Higher end models, on the other hand, should last up to 5-7 years, when managed correctly.

Licensing Seems Expensive, But It’s Worth It

Many complain about licensing fees associated with higher-end pieces of hardware, claiming that because of high license fees, the hardware no longer fits in their budget. Although there may be annual licensing fees for more expensive technology, this ends up saving district money over time. Why? Licensing fees typically include support and warranties. That means, when a piece of equipment breaks or malfunctions, you’ll get the support you need to fix it, or a replacement.

How to Get the Best Technology at a Fraction of the Cost

There is one secret to getting high-end technology at a fraction of the cost. Outsource your technology! With a solution like Albert, you can bundle hardware and services together, which saves up to 15% over time. Plus, with our managed technology platform, you don’t own the hardware–we do! That means, when something breaks or malfunctions, we’ll replace it in just a few days. This, in turn, saves districts loads of money in the long run.

Think it’s less costly to purchase cheap hardware at your district? Think again! For more insight into this, or to learn more about how K12itc helps school districts cut technology costs, get in touch with us.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Sept. 19, 2018) – An innovator in managed information technology services in the education sector is expanding its offering to serve communities, including municipal governments, chambers of commerce and other civic-related entities, while also establishing a parent company for its IT verticals.

Brad Sandt, founder and president of K12itc, announced the establishment of Menlo, Inc., an overarching holding company that will allow for future growth for the rapidly expanding company.

The creation of Menlo, Inc. opens the door for the launch of Civic ITC, which will provide IT infrastructure management, connectivity and maintenance for local communities, organizations, cities and counties – a sector that has long struggled to keep pace in the rapidly changing IT world.

“Our technology and our managed services will disrupt the status quo for civic-minded institutions,” Sandt said. “There’s a real need, and we’re primed to fill it. We have the vision, the technology and the formula, and now its time introduce it into a new space.”

K12itc focuses solely on schools, while Civic ITC will have the same laser focus for community-based organizations. The same technology and full-service offering that K12itc has offered schools through its product, Albert, will now be available to communities in the form of a new product, Sam. This product was exclusively designed to solve the unique challenges that can arise in the civic IT space.

“Just as Albert has done for schools and school districts, Sam will be a game changer,” Sandt said. “Eight years ago, we identified a void in IT services in the education space, and we continue to change the landscape. The next horizon is Civic. We have done our due diligence, and we’re ready for a new challenge.”

With the addition of Civic and Sam to the portfolio, Menlo, Inc. will serve as the anchor of these two separate, yet inter-linked operations.

“We are a family owned small business that is on a rapid trajectory,” Sandt said. “It’s time for us to create an organizational structure to reflect our growing family of companies.”

Sandt will serve as President of Menlo, Inc., as well as both Civic and K12itc. The name Menlo is a nod to the famous Menlo Park, which served as an inspiration to Thomas Edison’s research, and shares the same name as Albert Einstein’s famed jacket style.



Menlo Inc. is the genius parent company of K12itc and Civic ITC. Its purpose is to create better technologies to solve problems for clients in school districts and communities, nationwide. Because when organizations spend less time on technology, they can spend more time doing the things they do best and achieving their goals.

Half of all United States school districts are in rural locations. Headquartered in Kansas City, K12itc works with more than 150 rural school districts throughout the Midwest. Our central location, as well as our cost effective Albert solution, allows us to solve the many unique technology challenges rural schools face.

Discover the 4 major technology challenges rural school district face, and the ways K12itc helps solve these challenges.

The Challenge: Funding
The Opportunity: E-Rate & Albert

Rural school districts are often funded by a smaller tax base. Therefore, much of the districts’ dollars may go toward overhead costs. Plus, when enrollment decreases in a rural district, it has a large impact on budget. Funding is always a challenge for rural districts, especially when it comes to technology.

The opportunity that many rural districts have is E-Rate funding. A higher Free and Reduced Lunch Rate typically means more government-supported technology dollars via E-Rate. Additionally, the funding challenge can be solved by implementing a more cost effective technology solution into the district. Our Albert solution, for example, can cut technology costs by up to 15%. Spending technology dollars wisely is key to solving the funding issue, whether it’s taking advantage of E-Rate dollars or implementing a more efficient solution into the district (or both!).

The Challenge: Staffing
The Opportunity: Outsourcing K-12 IT

Rural school districts often have a difficult time recruiting and retaining staff–especially in the technology department. Once a suitable technology director is found, they often leave for a higher paying job within a matter of a few years. Typically, rural districts have one person in charge of every piece of technology. This jack-of-all-trades approach is not only an immense ask of one individual, but it is also risky for the district. If the jack-of-all-trades tech expert leaves, how quickly can you find their replacement?

The best way to ensure that a rural district won’t run into technology staffing issues is by outsourcing its technology to an organization. A third party, such as K12itc, can dedicate a number of individuals who all specialize in different pieces of technology. This not only gives the rural school district the support it needs, but the expertise as well.

The Challenge: Starting Behind
The Opportunity: Strategic Technology Planning

School districts should be constantly innovating. They should be discovering new ways to bring technology into the classroom, building virtual classrooms, implementing 1:1 programs and teaching students how to take advantage of the latest and greatest pieces of technology. Rural districts may not have the funding or experience in implementing innovative technology, which makes them fall further and further behind.

The best way to solve this challenge is by running a thorough technology assessment and then, putting together a strategic 3- and 5-year technology plan to get up-to-speed. A technology assessment for rural school districts is something K12itc specializes in. It’s a great first step in the right direction.

The Challenge: Connectivity
The Opportunity: Better IT Infrastructure

Technology is worthless if there is no or very little connectivity. This is a common challenge rural school districts face. Is there strong internet access at school? How about at the kids’ homes? The issue of digital equity is crucial for rural students. Without it, students fall behind.

The first step of understanding how you can get better connectivity at your school district is talking to a company like K12itc. We have completed hundreds of projects that have strengthened the connectivity in rural school districts across the United States. From designing and completing cable and fiber projects to recommending and implementing better, more effective infrastructure, there are many ways we can help a rural school district get better connected.

If your rural school district faces any of the challenges above, or is interested in understanding the opportunities you have available to you when it comes to technology, reach out and discover just how K12itc might be able to help.

School technology directors and outsourced tech companies typically implement their “big” technology projects in the summer. Whether it’s a large E-Rate cabling projects, installation of updated wireless equipment or a complete overhaul of the school’s infrastructure, technology directors typically put off the big initiatives until the hallways are quiet.

In theory, it makes sense. During the school year, tech teams are bombarded with phones calls, maintenance tickets and random requests from administrators, teachers and students alike. It can be difficult to make time for the “big” projects when so many little ones appear from August until May.

But here at K12itc, we believe that the sooner new technology is implemented, the better. Which is why we have helped schools with their big technology projects year-round, and not just in the summer.

Unlike your internal technology team, outsourced school technology companies are busiest in the summer. This is primarily because many school administrators believe that large technology projects have to take place in the summer.

The fact of the matter is, they do not.

Typically, K12itc is able to overhaul an entire infrastructure in just a few short days (depending on the size of the district). There are many instances where our large technology projects can happen during the school week, as we specialize in eliminating any disruptions in the classroom as we work. Learning can continue as technology is updated!

Asking for your outsourced technology company to help with large projects throughout the school year gives you a major advantage. Because the companies are not as busy during the school year, they can put their full attention into your school district.

Another major advantage to completing your large technology projects throughout the school year is that an outsourced technology company can supplement the work of your internal technology staff when they are the busiest. While technology directors can work on device issues, technology training in the classroom and building a 1:1 program, an outsourced technology company like K12itc can complete the larger technology projects that otherwise would be put off until the summer.

We can’t help but ask: why wait? You can implement large technology initiatives year-round with a company like K12itc. Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of that August through may window.

Not all school districts are the same. From size to location, administration to student demographics, every school district can look vastly different from the next.

And because of the wide range of school districts we encounter throughout the country, there is not one-size-fits-all technology solution that could work for every K-12 school district. Every school district has different needs, different priorities, different budgets and different leadership.

So how do you know if you have the right amount of infrastructure in your district? How do you know if what you’re purchasing is cost-efficient? What if you’re overdoing it, and therefore overspending? What if you’re not doing enough and underserving your students? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell.

Here at K12itc, we oftentimes encounter school districts spending money on the wrong pieces of technology. They may be investing in a robust teleconferencing solution, but they don’t have the network closet infrastructure to even support such technology. Putting the cart before the horse (and investing in the bright and shiny technologies) without ensuring that the backend solution will be able to keep up is an all to common scenario we run into.

Other times, we see districts invest in huge, expensive tech solutions, when they could have achieved the same goal at a fraction of the price. We most oftentimes see robust, top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions rolled out at school districts who simply don’t need it. Most of the time, these schools are convinced to purchase based on fear mongering–and end up spending way more money than they need to.

In the wide world of technology, it can be easy to make these mistakes. So how do you ensure that the technology your school is purchasing is “right-sized”?

The Formula for Determining Your School’s Infrastructure Needs

K12itc has built a fool-proof solution to ensure that you are getting the right infrastructure at your K-12 school district–no more and no less. It’s called Albert, and it’s one of the most innovative ways to outsource technology at a K-12 school district.

The reason Albert is “right-sized” for every school is because the amount of infrastructure (and therefore, the cost of the infrastructure) is based on student enrollment.

Based on your enrollment, K12itc utilizes our Albert formula to calculate just how many switches, access points and VoIP phones your district needs. We are also able to strategically calculate the most cost efficient firewall, web filter, servers and backup and disaster recovery solution your district needs to operate and excel. We take the guesswork out of building an infrastructure for your school.

Stop guessing. Start with Albert. Find out more about outsourcing your technology and get in touch with us to understand just how Albert can fit into your school–no matter it’s size.

Schools are not immune to security threats. In fact, because of limited budgets and traditionally light technology leadership, they are perhaps the most vulnerable. It’s important to be prepared when experiencing a school hacking. 

In late 2017, the U.S. Department of Education warned the nation via CNN that schools are the target for many hackers. Typically, these hackers are outside sources. But in some cases, students can also hack their way into the school’s system and wreak havoc. And when districts continue to add more and more technology, they become even more susceptible to school hacking. Hackers can crack in through access points, email and even through VOIP phones.

The best way to prevent school hacking is by arming your school district with the right defense. Right-sized network security and quality firewalls are two critical aspects to your school’s technology infrastructure. With the right infrastructure, and a team that is constantly monitoring your systems, you decrease your risk and will provide your leadership with peace of mind. For more cybersecurity tips, read our blog post: 7 Easy Tips to Battle Cybersecurity in K-12 School Districts.

A company like K12itc has the skill set to block school hackings before they happen–or quickly eradicate them. As a matter of fact, if schools identify the hack, it is usually too late.

What are the immediate action items you should take when you experience school hacking? Take it from the experts at K12itc–here are our best tips for what to do:

To always stay prepared, be sure to download the Data Breach Response Training Kit and have it on-hand in your admin office or in the technology office. Ideally, you would already have this training kit on hand prior to any unfortunate situation.

  1. Notify your response team (CIO, Data Coordinator, IT Manager, legal counsel, school board, superintendent, etc.).
  2. Decide whether or not to involve law enforcement. It is not mandatory, but if you are affected, you can contact privacyTA@ed.gov so that they can monitor the spread of the threat. Please note that higher education institutions must report the incident to the Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA).
  3. Outline the steps needed to investigate and contain the breach. Catalog the data that was affected and identify how the leakage occurred as soon as possible. Utilize your IT staff or an outsourced technology that specializes in K-12 environments to step in for further expertise.
  4. Determine what legal requirements affect the response and develop a plan to ensure compliance.
  5. Determine whether any individual was affected and determine whether notifying them is necessary.
  6. Have your team implement the actions needed to ensure that there is not a recurrence.
  7. As action is taken, collect and review response documents and analyses reports.

For more information, download the Data Breach Response Checklist from studentprivacy.ed.gov.

School hacking happens every day. K-12 school districts are the new target for hackers worldwide. Give your administrators, school board, teachers, staff and students peace of mind with a solution that keeps your school technology safe. Meet Albert to find out more.

Schools have a wealth of data. From personal records, health information, financials data and academic records, K-12 school districts manage a lot of information. Because of this, K-12 school districts without proper cybersecurity are at high risk for cybercrime.

And worse yet is that many K-12 schools do not have the funds or expertise to manage proper cybersecurity. These school districts, even small ones of 100-300 students, are at a major risk.

From malware to ransomware, malicious insiders to hackers, it’s important that school districts take the necessary measures to ensure cyber safety. Below are 7 tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance to help students and staff stay safe online.

  1. Implement and use an antivirus software. K12itc’s Albert solution includes an antivirus to ensure that all school data is secure.
  2. Do not open emails or attachments from unknown sources. This can be one of the most difficult items on the list to manage, as many teachers, staff and administrators use email on an hourly basis. And in today’s 1:1 world, even students can make a mistake and open emails that contain viruses.
  3. Regularly download security updates. If your IT team is not keeping security updated on a frequent basis, it’s time to contact K12itc.
  4. Encourage administrators, staff and students to use hard-to-guess passwords. Mix upper case, lower case, numbers and other characters. All passwords should be at least eight characters long, too.
  5. Implement a backup and disaster recovery solution. In case of a cybersecurity attack, all data should be stored and easily recovered.
  6. Encourage everyone to disconnect from the Internet when it’s not in use and shut down computers, laptops and devices at night.
  7. Communicate a plan to all staff and students on what to do if a computer or system is compromised.

In this day and age, it’s imperative that K-12 school districts implement cybersecurity to keep business, students and staff information safe. But how do you know if your school district’s security is up to par?

As a superintendent, we encourage you to ask yourself these quick questions first:

One of the most important things a superintendent can ask for from their technology team or technology company is a cybersecurity audit or review. It’s critical to understand the current state of your school’s cybersecurity so that you know what action items need to be prioritized. Contact K12itc today to get a security audit. Or, contact us to learn more about what your school needs to do to keep data, information, staff and students safe in the online world.

Although the summer may be the season when school activity slows down, it is the time of year when a tech department’s real work begins. Quiet hallways, silent phones and very few tech tickets mean one thing for school technology directors: it’s time to get to work on the big projects that have been “on hold” while school was in session.

So what are these big projects that technology directors face in the summertime? They’re the ones that may disrupt learningso it’s important to get them done in the three summer months when all things are quiet. However, every K-12 technology directors’ summer checklist looks a little different depending on the tech plan, budget, adoption of technology and overall year-round productivity.

Below are six of the best projects to complete in the summer by your K-12 tech team. If this seems like too much to swallow, contact K12itc and ask about our Albert solution, where almost all of this (and more!) is included at a flat monthly rate.

  1. Managed service implementation

At K12itc, many of the schools we work with undergo an Albert implementation in the summer (however, we can implement Albertour managed technology platformat any time of year without major disruption).  An Albert implementation takes quite a few steps and a lot of involvement from both school leaders and technology team members. Our Albert implementation includes many of the checklist items that a school district may have for their summer timeline, too.

  1.  Category 2 E-Rate installations & configurations

Most schools receive their Category 2 E-Rate funds in the late winter or early spring. And although tech departments may have already ordered their E-Rate equipment, most of the time, the installation and configuration does not take place until the summer. When large shipments of new equipment come in, one of the best times to implement the technology is in the summer. From new firewalls to replacement access points, from cable runs to fiber installations, some of the most productive summers are the ones when a tech department completes an E-Rate project. Sometimes, however, these projects can be quite large. K12itc frequently completes installation and configuration of equipment for K-12 school districts who are utilizing E-Rate funds. Even a portion of our Albert solution is E-Rateable!

  1.  Network closet clean-up

We see a lot of messy network closets. When aged technology has been covered up with bandaid after bandaid over the course of many years, a technology closet can look like a war zone. The summer is a great time to clean up those messy closets and even recable some of the equipment. K12itc specializes in cable and fiber installations at school districts and can also assist with closet clean-ups, rack/cabinet installs, configuration of closet equipment and more.

  1.  Email migration

As experts in K-12 technology, many school districts rely on us to tell them which email platform they should be utilizing. Our recommendation is typically GMail. Although email migrations can happen any time of year, we recommend rolling this out in the summertime, over Winter Break or over Spring Break so that when teachers arrive back at the school, they can take some time to get to know their new email platform. We have helped numerous school districts migrate to GMail, or their email platform of choice, as it can take quite a bit of coordination. If you’re interested in migration to a new email platform, contact us today to help you get started.

  1.  Mobile device management roll-out

As many schools progress their 1:1 program, new devices may need to be rolled out every single year, if not multiple times per year. K12itc oftentimes helps schools roll out their 1:1 programs by implementing a strategic mobile device management platform (MDM) that assists with mobile device deployment. The summer is a great time to roll out new devices, however, having the right MDM in place prior will be a huge time-saver.

  1.  Update rogue access points and switches

We understand that many districts take an analysis of tech equipment at the end of the school year to determine what pieces need to be replaced, and then replace the equipment in the summertime. Although in theory this is a good process and project, there are more proactive ways to update hardware throughout the year. Our Albert solution ensures that all district hardware runs throughout the school year—and never goes rogue. And if it does, we ship a new piece of equipment out to you for no extra charge. This to-do list item could be easily checked off your tech department’s list just by utilizing our Albert solution.

Just when things seem to be calm and quiet at a school district, activity certainly increases in the technology department. However, does this really have to be the case? At K12itc, it is our mission to help school districts proactively manage their technology, which causes less stress for tech departments throughout the year and into the summer. If your summer technology checklist is too long, or you need extra hands to help you get your major projects complete, contact us to find out how we can help save you time, save you money, and maybe give you a little bit of a summer break back.

Dr. Dennis Fisher, K12itc Vice President of Business Development, was recently honored by the Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) for his service to public education. Fisher was one of eight former educators to receive the association’s Outstanding Emeritus Educator Award. This special recognition was made during the awards banquet at the MASA Spring Conference at The Lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake Ozark, Missouri.

MASA presents the award annually to recognize individuals for their length of administrative service, their participation in MASA while an active member, significant accomplishments as school administrator and for their continued interest in public education since retiring.

You may already outsource your food services, transportation and custodial services. So why shy away from outsourcing your school technology, too?

Managing K-12 technology on your own can be challenging and expensive. But when you find the perfect partner to outsource it to, it can be a hands-off, stress-free experience.

Take a look at our top 10 reasons to outsource K-12 technology:

1. Expertise

When you contract with a K-12 technology management company like K12itc, you are positioning yourself to work with experts in the school technology space. When you hire a technology director yourself, it can be difficult to grasp their knowledge and expertise during the hiring process. Guarantee expertise by outsourcing to a company like K12itc—there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen before and our engineers specialize in working with teachers, administrators and school staff.

2.  Maintain tech talent

Qualified engineers are in high demand—which means that K-12 schools face high turnover and struggle to maintain tech talent. Outsourcing technology service puts you at a lesser risk of being left high and dry by an outgoing technology director.

3.  Save money

When outsourcing with a solution like Albert, schools see up to 15% cost savings in their technology budget. When you hire internally, you have to maintain increasing salaries and benefits over time, while outsourcing eliminates these costs.

4.  Efficiency & bundling options

Speaking of saving money, outsourcing technology can also create tech efficiencies. K12itc, for example, bundles hardware needs with service, which allows for schools to pay for technology over time, rather than upfront.

5.  Extended support

A managed technology solution like Albert functions with extended remote support. A remote, cloud-based support solution allows technology problems in the school district to be solved quickly and efficiently. When you outsource technology from K12itc, you receive 24/7 technical support and do not have to pay overtime fees. No more waiting on one technology director to solve the problem—it can be done quickly via phone, chat or ticket by a number of different engineers.

6.  Secured network

Security is always a concern for school district administrators. How can you be 100% certain that your district’s network is completely safe? The only way to be sure is by having a team of experts handle it. When you work with a tech company that specializes in the K-12 landscape like K12itc, you ensure that your school’s network is secure from external threats.

7.  Service level agreements

Our Albert solution operates on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which guarantees the highest level of support. When an SLA is in place, school districts receive a high level of technology service, which cannot always be guaranteed by a small technology team.

8.  Less hassle, less headache

It is our job to fix technology solutions before they become a bigger problem. Having a team behind your technology that can proactively troubleshoot possible problems allows administrators and teachers to focus on teaching, not on fixing tech issues.

9.  Power in numbers

Most small school districts hire one technology director to run the show. Other medium-sized districts may be able to hire a small team. Large districts may have teams of 25-50 managing their technology. But when you outsource your technology, you automatically have multiple experts managing your hardware. This gives your school district—no matter how big or small—the highest level of technology support with various engineers troubleshooting problems and providing input on best practices, trends and proactive projects.

10.  It’s widely accepted & adopted

Many school districts throughout the nation—both large and small—are outsourcing their technology. Managed technology solutions can be built for large or small budgets and are completely customized. Just like many schools outsource their food, custodial or transportation services, they’re starting to outsource their technology, too.

If you’re ready to outsource your K-12 technology, K12itc’s Albert solution can help. To find out more about Albert, visit our managed services page or contact K12itc today.

For the second year in a row, K12itc has been listed on the Inc. 5000. The Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private firms in America, led by Inc. Magazine. These companies don’t just create value, they create jobs (619,631 of them over the past 3 years, to be exact). With 87% growth over the past 3 years, K12itc was listed on the Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row, posting $8.5 million in 2016 revenue with 33 employees. To view our listing, visit K12itc’s Inc. 5000 profile. To view the full list, visit inc.com/inc5000/list/2017.

K12itc has been recognized as a winner of the “Established Leaders” category for the Kansas City Techweek 100 in 2017. This category highlights the organizations and people who generate sustainable wealth creation and inspire innovative spinoffs. The announcement was made on Monday, August 7, 2017, about one month before the 2017 Techweek Kansas City kickoff. As a winner, K12itc’s Brad Sandt is invited to participate in Techweek100’s Founders House on Thursday, September 14. K12itc was also invited to participate in Techweek’s Growth Summit and other kickoffs, happy hours, awards, and events during Techweek this fall.

Techweek is a tech and startup festival with the objective of catalyzing the growth of billion-dollar businesses and spreading wealth creation to diverse people and places. The Techweek100, in which K12itc is a part of, awards businesses that are trailblazers and at the forefront of the tech community in Kansas City. The Techweek100 celebrates individuals and organizations for their leadership, innovation, and support of the tech ecosystem. In particular, K12itc was awarded as an Established Leader, which is categorized as a larger organization the implements new technology and progressive initiatives.

We are honored to receive this award during Techweek in September and look forward to the main event!

Here at K12itc, we’re a little competitive. So when we found out that we jumped up to #4 on the Kansas City Business Journal‘s Top Computer Networking Companies list, we were pretty excited. On August 4, 2017, the Kansas City Business Journal released the top 23 computer networking companies in the Kansas City area. The list was developed by local certified engineers. K12itc was ranked #4 on the list and joins RSM, Bradford & Galt, NetStandard and AOS in the Top 5. To read the full article, visit the Kansas City Business Journal website.

When you meet K12itc for the first time, you may think that we are just like any other technology company, educational service unit or outsourced IT solution out there. But the truth is, what we offer is very different. We provide a new way to manage technology in K-12 school districts. And if your district is interested in a new way, or a better way, to manage its technology, look no further than K12itc’s albert solution. In the infographic below, you will see the difference between your typical tech service provider’s offerings and K12itc’s. You tell us which would work better for your school district–the traditional way or the improved way?

In the age of social media, our kids have been exposed to a new type of bullying — cyberbullying. A recent study done in Britain found that 50% of all suicides between the ages of 10 & 14 are related to bullying.

With these staggering numbers, it’s important that the leaders of K-12 school districts look into proactive ways to stop cyberbullying and self harm in their districts. One simple way to do so is by implementing a cutting edge new web filter called Securly.

Securly’s cloud-based web filter is reshaping what it means to keep kids safe online. Securly offers state-of-the-art web filtering solutions that many other web filters fall short on, including cyberbullying and self harm detection, parental integration, 1:1 for iPads, Windows and Macs, Chromebook filtering, take home policies, and excellent support.

K12itc is excited to now offer Securly as its recommended solution for web filters. To learn more or start a free demo of Securly, contact your K12itc sales representative or call 816-382-4800. 

After being selected as a Tech Innovation Showcase Company by the National School Board Association, the K12itc brand was officially introduced to school districts across the entire country. And with significant growth in areas beyond our hometown of Kansas City, K12itc services are now being utilized nation-wide. In a recent article, which ran in the June issue of the American School Board Journal, NSBA Director of Technology Ann Flynn showcases each of the four companies that were selected for the Tech Innovation Showcase. Below is a brief excerpt of the article which highlights K12itc. 

WRITTEN BY: Ann Flynn, Director of Technology, NSBA 

It was during a 1998 NSBA site visit in Colorado’s Cherry Creek School District when I first heard the term “mission critical” linked to the robust and reliable operation of a district’s technology infrastructure. The notion made perfect sense if teachers were expected to build their instructional plans around online resources.

Now, two decades later, many districts still struggle to deliver that “mission critical” reliability, resulting in the perfect opportunity for founder and President Brad Sandt to launch K12itc. Recognized as a 2010 “20 to Watch” educator when he served as director of technology for Missouri’s Park Hill School District, Sandt had a dream. He wanted to build a technology model that bundled every aspect of a school’s IT infrastructure, connectivity, and maintenance into one efficient package. K12itc is helping more than 450 districts across the nation find efficiencies in technology to save money and provide better service. As a company that only serves K-12 clients, it focuses on the technology so customers are freed to focus on education.

In a recent article from Finding Kansas City, K12itc was named one of the fastest-growing technology companies to work for in Kansas City. According to the article, at the end of 2016, there were 4,7000 tech jobs posted in the Kansas City area. The article also notes that the small to medium-sized tech companies are the ones making names for themselves with stellar growth, creative technology, excellent career opportunities and a dynamic work culture. K12itc joins the list alongside other great area tech companies including C2FO, AutoAlert, FitBark, VeriShip, DEG, DSI, blooom, Pinsight Media, FanThreeSixty, mySidewalk, and Red Nova Labs.

Read the full article here: Fastest-growing Tech Companies to Work for in Kansas City.

K12itc continues to grow nation-wide! This month, we began work for Addenbrooke Classical Academy (ACA), a tuition-free public charter school located in Lakewood, Colorado.  ACA is K12itc’s first customer in the state of Colorado.

Addenbrooke Classical Academy has contracted for a 5-year Albert Voice hosted phone system with K12itc. The project includes all new voice over IP phones and ongoing service.

Colorado is K12itc’s sixth client outside of Kansas and Missouri (other client states include Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Florida).  This project alone will enhance technology’s impact on education and accelerate Addenbrooke Classical Academy’s journey to 21st century learning.

We believe it’s time you met Albert, a genius partner to create a smarter school. Albert is K12itc’s unique solution to managing technology in K-12 school districts. Learn what Albert is all about in the short video below. To learn more about this service, be sure to visit our Albert page.

K12itc was announced as an Innovation Winner in the 2017 Cornerstone Awards, led by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City.

A handful of Cornerstone Awards winners were selected from twenty-nine finalists announced earlier this year. K12itc was selected as a winner by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City because of our mission to drive economic development and growth throughout KCMO. With this honor, we look forward to partnering with the EDC to help create an environment in which businesses and residents prosper in Kansas City, Missouri. Thank you, EDCKC for this incredible honor!

What’s next? K12itc is also up for the Cornerstone People’s Choice Award! Be sure to vote for K12itc here. Additionally, we’ll join the EDCKC at the Cornerstone Awards Reception on May 9th at Union Station Kansas City. We look forward to joining the 400+ people who are making Kansas City a great place to live and work!

Read the full article here.



For the past few years, Ingram’s Magazine has identified the top brands in the Kansas City region and throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri.

This year, however, the magazine has decided to take a look back on these years and name organizations that they believe have the potential to become large, dominant regional and national brands. Ingram’s has named K12itc as one of these companies. According to Ingram’s Magazine, K12itc is “positioned to really take off.”

K12itc has joined other well known Kansas City companies, including C2FO, blooom, EyeVerify, SmallCakes, Pie Five, FanThreeSixty, and others as an “Emerging Brand of Kansas City”. For the past few years, we have been honored to be named Kansas City’s fastest growing company, NSBA’s most innovative technology company, Kansas City Small Business of the Year, and now, an emerging brand of Kansas City by Ingram’s Magazine.

Read the full article on Ingrams Magazine site: http://ingrams.com/article/emerging-brands-of-kansas-city/

The Kansas City-based technology company was selected as one of the top four innovative companies in education and will showcase at the annual NSBA Conference in Denver, CO.

KANSAS CITY, MO — The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has selected K12itc as one of the top four innovative companies in education, and has invited the Kansas City-based startup to participate in the Technology Innovation Showcase in Denver, Colorado this March.

“The nation’s 90,000 school board members work with their local communities and district administrators to create a shared vision for learning and align resources that involve the intersection of education policy and technology practice,” said Ann Flynn, NSBA’s Director of Education Innovation, in a recent press release. The Technology Innovation Showcase offers a forum for school leaders to explore new technologies and think through the tough questions they need to ask before embracing any new entrant to the K-12 marketplace.

The top four companies to participate in the NSBA Technology Innovation Showcase were selected by a team of former “20 to Watch” educators. The three other companies joining K12itc in the showcase are Allovue, FreshGrade and LivingTree.

The top four companies are invited to participate in a Technology Innovation Showcase Workshop and Exhibit from March 25-27, 2017 at NSBA’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference, taking place at The Colorado Convention Center, will attract over 5,000 school board members and superintendents from across the U.S. and Canada.

“We are honored to be selected as one of the top innovative education companies in the nation,” said Brad Sandt, founder & CEO of K12itc. “It’s exciting that the industry is recognizing that our products and services are the new standard for technology management. We are thrilled to be a part of this conference and look forward to showcasing what the next generation of tech management in K-12 schools looks like.”

K12itc has been named a finalist for the 2017 Cornerstone Awards by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City.

The Cornerstone Awards recognizes companies and organizations in Kansas City, Missouri that contribute to the growth of the economy. The award was initiated over 28 years ago to recognize the investments by companies in KCMO. Finalists are selected based on their ability to demonstrate the highest level of impact in improving economic development and growth in Kansas City.

So what’s next? The EDC committee will select the 10 final award winners in April to be recognized at the EDC Cornerstone Awards Reception on May 9, 2017 at Union Station.

Read more about the Cornerstone Awards here.

Each year Inc. Magazine recognizes the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies across the country. This year K12itc was ranked #869. The companies that make this list not only showcase impressive growth, but also are the “superheroes of the U.S. economy.” At least, that’s what Inc. said.

To read the full article, click here.

When we asked Brad what this ranking mean to K12itc, he said, “Over the past six years, we’ve worked around the clock to set the curve for K-12 technology. It’s truly exciting to see our team’s hard work and determination pay off with this recognition.”

In July 2016, Ingram’s Magazine released their 31st Annual Ranking of Kansas City’s 100 Fastest Growing Comapnies. K12itc ranked #5.

5. K12itc   Growth: 456.27% | Average Annual Growth Rate: 152.09% | Gross Revenue: 2015: $7,526,686 | 2012: $1,353,069 | Full-time employees: 30| 1st year
Brad Sandt worked as an IT administrator for 14 years in the Park Hill School District before the entrepreneurial bug bit him in 2010. He had an idea for a company that could deliver IT tools focused specifically on K-12 education, and set out to create what today is known as “Albert”—a program that bundles every aspect of a school’s IT infrastructure, connectivity and maintenance into one package, with a predictable monthly fee. K12itc owns and maintains the equipment; the schools are responsible for maximizing its potential. Better technology, he believes, leads to better teaching and better learning. Since launching the company with three employees, Sandt has seen the staff grow tenfold, and K12itc has more than 80 new client schools and systems, a response that he considers validation of the vision. “A lot of people took K-12 as an afterthought” for IT programming before the company launched, Sandt said, “so it stood out as a real business opportunity for us.”

Click here to read the entire article: http://ingrams.com/article/kcs-100-fastest-growing-companies/


The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday named K12itc as its 2016 Small Business of the Year.

The Northland company, which provides customized technology solutions and services for K-12 school districts, received the Mr. K Award, named after the late Ewing Marion Kauffman, founder of Marion Laboratories and the original owner of the Kansas City Royals.

The Mr. K Award is based on business growth or sustainability, exemplary employee relations and a commitment to community service.

The award was announced at the 30th annual Small Business Celebration at the Kansas City Convention Center. About 600 people attended the event. AOL co-founder and philanthropist Steve Case was the keynote speaker.

“We are passionate about what we do and that passion drives us each and every day. Thank you for recognizing that passion,” said Brad Sandt, founder and chief executive officer of K12itc.

Sandt had been head of information technology for the Park Hill School District for 14 years. Six years ago he founded K12itc so schools, even those in rural districts,  would have equal access to the latest technology and support systems.

In his application for the award, Sandt said: “They’re using 3-D printers and modeling architectural buildings that are designed using software. Textbooks are disappearing and going digital, classes are going online and it’s completely different from older days. I saw that many schools were having trouble maintaining their IT environment. We were also able to package things together in an efficient manner that made sense as schools were dealing with budget challenges throughout the country. That led to taking a leap of faith and starting K12itc. That leap of faith paid off.”

The company, at 5904 N.W. 63rd Terrace, now serves 80 school districts as well as some private and charter schools. Revenues have grown substantially, the staff has increased from three to 29 and the company’s customer base now includes schools in seven states. Sandt plans to be nationwide in three or four years.

The chamber also announced four other award winners:

▪ Diverse Small Business of the Year: DuBois Consultants Inc.

▪ Entrepreneurial Small Business of the Year: Blooom, a Leawood-based, automated online 401(k) management service.

▪ International Small Business of the Year: Doodlekit.

▪ Legacy Business of the Year: Newmark Grubb Zimmer.

More than 1,300 companies were nominated for the Mr. K Award, and 78 of the nominees went through the application process.

Read More.

Newly Created Position Allows Company to Further Expand into Nebrask

Last month, Fred Helmink joined K12itc as Vice President of Business Development over Nebraska.

“K12itc is a dynamic technology-based company with an undeniable understanding of K-12 technology needs,” said Helmink.

“I’m excited to join this strong team and help create smarter schools by changing the way schools deliver technology. ”
In his new role, Helmink will focus on building lasting relationships with customers while ensuring they receive the most out of their technology.

In 2014 and 2015, K12itc was named to Kansas City’s Fastest Growing Companies list.

“Over the last five years, K12itc has grown at an impressive rate,” said Brad Sandt, president and CEO of K12itc. “To further our expansion into Nebraska schools, we needed a proven leader. Fred brings a vast amount of expertise and experience in K-12 education that will further our growth throughout Nebraska.”

Helmink is recently retired from Fairbury Public Schools where he served as Superintendent for 13 years. He is also the former President of the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association and Regional President of the Nebraska Council of School Administrators.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce has narrowed the pack of 78 applicants to its Top 10 Small Businesses and announced the honorees during Wednesday evening’s celebration at Studio Dan Meiners in Kansas City. Three of the honorees top several of the Kansas City Business Journal’s Book of Lists.

The public will have an opportunity to learn more about the companies May 4, when the Top 10 CEOs share their insight as part of a panel discussion at the Sheraton Crown Center Hotel. The Small Business of the Year will be named May 25 during the Small Business Awards Luncheon at the Kansas City Convention Center, where AOL co-founder Steve Case will serve as keynote speaker.

The Top 10 honorees are:

Adams-Gabbert & Associates LLC, Overland Park– The professional services firm specializes in improving business, IT strategy and operations. Denise Kruse and other managers bought the firm from Bicknell Family Holding Co. LLC in 2011.

Alpha Energy and Electric Inc., Kansas City– The engineering procurement and construction solution-based company offers a variety of services for commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial construction. In 2014, it earned the chamber’s Diverse-owned Business Award.

Centric Projects LLC, Kansas City– The commercial general contractor was named a Champions of Business honoree in 2015 and netted $66 million in 2014 revenue – more than double from the previous year. It served as general contractor on a number of 2016 Capstone Awards projects, such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters building at 1709 Walnut, the Hawthorne Plaza redevelopment in Overland Park and The Globe Building at 1712 Main Street. Centric Projects Ranks No. 85 on the Kansas City Business Journal’s Top Area Private Companies List and No. 8 on the Top Area General Contractor’s List.

DataLocker Inc., Overland Park– The tech company offers hardware and cloud-based encryption solutions for government, military and enterprises. In February, it announced it had purchased the technology and assets of IronKey from Imation Corp., a leader in encryption services. The acquisition also gave DataLocker a new office in San Jose Calif., and a small team in Ottawa, Canada.

International Builders & Consultants Inc., Kansas City– The certified WBE commercial construction company specializes in interior tenant finishes. Its recent projects include the Kansas City Zoo’s orangutan exhibit and the Kansas City streetcar.

K12itc Inc., Kansas City– K12itc offers tech solutions and personal help-desk services to K-12 school districts nationwide. It ranks No. 5 on the Kansas
City Business Journal’s
Fastest-Growing Area Businesses List, No. 13 on the Top Area Computer Network Companies List, and No. 19 on the Top Area Information Systems Outsourcing Firms List. In January, it hired its first COO, Mick Fenley, who previously worked at Kansas City Southern Railway Co. as assistant vice president of business solutions.

Lead Bank, Kansas City– The bank opened its first Kansas City location in 2015, and the Downtown streetcar project played a role in its decision. The Lead Bank building at 1801 Main Street won a 2016 Capstone Award in the adaptive reuse category. The branch was designed to spur interaction among bankers and small business customers; it also features a catering kitchen, a rooftop space for indoor and outdoor events and 1,500-square-feet of business incubator space. Lead Bank ranks No. 2 on the Kansas City Business Journal’s Top Area Commercial Lending Banks List ranked by loan-to-deposit ratio and No. 23 on the Top Area Commercial Lending Banks List ranked by local commercial loan volume in Kansas City.

Post Cards, Kansas City– The Kansas City staple has been around for more than 65 years and designs, manufacturers and distributes personalized corporate greeting cards and calendars for businesses nationwide.

Veracity Consulting Inc., Lenexa– The certified minority/woman-owned consulting company provides end-to-end solutions in program management, enterprise architecture, data services and other areas. The company was named a 2016 Champions of Business, and CEO Angela Hurt recently participated in theKansas City Business Journal’s Mentoring Monday. (Check out her tips on mentoring and why she values it).

Weave Gotcha Covered! LLC, Kansas City– The woman-led company provides jobs and mentoring to women from marginalized communities. It also manufactures custom window treatments, bedding and upholstery. Weave Gotcha was among the first to receive a microloan from the Women’s Business Center’s new microloan program.

Leslie Collins

One of Kansas City’s fastest-growing companies has hired its first COO.

K12itc which topped the Kansas City Business Journal ‘s Fastest-Growing Area Businesses List in 2014 and held down the No. 5 spot on the Fastest-Growing Area Businesses List in 2015.

“Over the last five years, K12itc has grown at an impressive rate,” K12itc Inc. CEO Brad Sandt said in a release. “To maintain and expand on this growth, we need a proven leader to create and manage processes to allow us to effectively scale our company. Mick (Fenley) is that leader, and I know he will take our company to the next level.”

Mick Fenley, who joined the Kansas City-based education-focused tech company this month, most recently worked at Kansas City Southern Railway Co. as assistant vice president of business solutions. Before that, he worked for 10 years as a director at YRC Freight.

Fenley called K12itc an entrepreneurial and dynamic technology company. In addition to its entrepreneurial spirit, he was attracted to its customer-oriented culture and its solid product offerings and services, he said.
“I’m married with three kids and kids are important to me, and ultimately the beneficiaries of all the things we do are kids and schools across the U.S.,” Fenley told the Kansas City Business Journal.MickFenley

In his new role, Fenley will be focused on all operating activities within the company, including process improvement, new product development and employee development. He’ll also work with Sandt on developing the company’s strategic vision.

“With a rapidly growing business, (it’s) just making sure the foundation continues to be strong to handle the rapid growth we continue to experience,” Fenley said.

The keys to maintaining that solid foundation will be getting to know employees and finding out what they believe is working well or needs to be improved, ensuring there’s proactive internal communication and a clarity of roles, and meeting customer needs on a daily basis, he said.

In 2015, K12itc’s revenue grew 64 percent and the company expanded into Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa.

K12itc hopes to continue its regional growth in 2016 and plans to hire several more sales representatives.
“I’m just really excited that the opportunity has presented itself,” Fenley said. “I’m excited that all the hard work will ultimately benefit youth across the U.S. and their access to technology going forward.”

K12itc offers tech solutions and personal help-desk services to K-12 school districts nationwide. In 2015, it was a finalist in the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award

SOURCE: http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/blog/bizventures-kc/2016/01/k12itc-coo-mick-fenley.html

Startland News named K12itc one of the Top 10 Kansas City Startups to watch in 2016! Startland News evaluated the area’s top startups based on the strength of their team, current traction, disruptiveness and job growth potential.

“We are honored to make the list and look forward to continued growth as we expand our technology services to schools across the nation and create lasting relationships with each and every customer throughout 2016,” said Brad Sandt, K12itc president.

To view the entire list, please click here.


The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce on Thursday announced its 2015 top 10 small businesses, including several information technology companies, a real estate developer and an advertising and marketing firm.

More than 1,000 companies were nominated for the awards, and 64 of the nominees went through the application process. Then a group of judges narrowed the list to the 10 that best demonstrated strong growth and sustainability, a passion for community service and outstanding employee relations.

The top 10 were announced at a private event presented by Enterprise Bank & Trust at Boulevard Brewing Co.

The event was part of the chamber’s 29th annual small business celebration. One of the top 10 will be crowned the Kansas City 2015 Small Business of the Year and receive the Mr. K Award at a luncheon May 13.

This year’s top 10:

▪ AdamsGabbert, Overland Park: Provides professional services specializing in improving business and information technology strategy and operations.

▪ BNIM, Kansas City: Multidisciplinary design firm.

▪ Centric Projects, Kansas City: Commercial general contractor.

▪ DataLocker, Overland Park: Manufacturer of data encryption services for governments, military and businesses around the world.

▪ IDD InStore Design Display, Kansas City: Creates store fixtures and distinctive custom displays and provides retail display services from design to fulfillment.

▪ Infinite Energy Construction Inc., Kansas City: Provides general construction management services and job execution, electrical subcontracting, energy auditing, energy efficiency improvement and other services to private and public sectors.

▪ K12itc, Kansas City: Provides technology services and consulting to K-12 schools, mostly in the Midwest.

▪ NorthPoint Development, Riverside: Commercial real estate development, management and leasing.

▪ Sullivan Higdon & Sink, Kansas City: Advertising, marketing and public relations company.

▪ Technology Group Solutions, Lenexa: Provides information technology infrastructure.

The chamber also will hold the Top 10 CEO Panel Breakfast from 7:30 to 9 a.m. April 23 at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, 2345 McGee St. The cost is $35 for chamber members and $45 for non-members.

The annual awards luncheon will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 13 at the Kansas City Convention Center, 301 W. 13th St. The cost is $45 for members and $55 for non-members.

For information and reservations, call 816-374-5492 or go to www.kcchamber.com.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/article17991182.html#storylink=cpy

K12itc will be the preferred technology provider for K-12 schools across Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) recently added K12itc to its Prestigious Partner program. Starting in 2015, K12itc will be the preferred technology provider for K-12 schools across the state of Kansas.

KASB establishes prestigious partnerships with carefully vetted business entities capable of providing cost-effective, efficiency-driven products or services to KASB membership.

“KASB is proud to have businesses and organizations, like K12itc, demonstrate their support of its mission by participating in the KASB Partnership Program, underwriting opportunities and supporting the annual convention,” said Randy Weseman, KASB’s assistant executive director of operations. “These partnerships support KASB’s work with school boards by giving members access to products or services that help meet their needs and improve efficiency in a cost-effective manner. “

K12itc delivers customized technology solutions and services for K-12 school districts, with unmatched focus. By leveraging a special mix of cloud computing and on-site support, K12itc has developed a model enabling districts to achieve better technology support at a lower cost.

“Our employees have all worked in K-12 schools so they understand the technology challenges teachers and administrators face on a daily basis,” said Brad Sandt, president of K12itc. “Our goal is to help schools in Kansas manage and improve their technology so they can focus on what matters … teaching. After all, better technology leads to better teaching.”

K12itc provides schools across Kansas and Missouri with customized IT solutions, and was recently named the fastest growing business in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal.

A Kansas City-based educational services company is sending its employees to the biggest baseball game played in Kansas City since 1985.

Brad Sandt, CEO of K12itc Inc., is purchasing standing-room-only tickets to Game 7 of the World Series for all of his company’s employees who want to go to the game. Those tickets cost about $520 a piece on the resale market. Twenty of the company’s 30 employees have elected to go to the event. Sandt is purchasing the tickets using his own money.

The Kansas City Business Journal named K12itc as one of Kansas City’s fastest growing companies in 2014.

 Reporter-Kansas City Business Journal

K12itc President, Brad Sandt, was recently named a NextGen Leader for his accomplishments, talents and contributions to the community. The Kansas City Business Journal selected 25 emerging leaders who are destined to leave their mark on the business community to honor as a NextGen Leader.

“I am honored to be named alongside 24 outstanding Kansas City leaders,” said Brad Sandt, K12itc president. “I look forward to building lasting relationships with our customers and community for years to come.”

The 25 winners will be honored at a luncheon at The American Restaurant on July 18, 2014. For more information, please visit http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2014/06/20/meet-the-new-class-of-nextgen-leaders.html.

K12itc has been named the Fastest Growing Company in the Greater Kansas City Area, according to the Kansas City Business Journal.

“We are especially proud to be named Kansas City’s Fastest Growing Company and believe this ranking highlights the significance of our unmatched focus and innovative solutions in the marketplace.  Our success is the direct result of hardworking, dedicated and highly knowledgeable people that serve our customers each and every day,” said Brad Sandt, K12itc President. “We look forward to continued growth as we expand our technology services to schools across the nation and create lasting relationships with each and every customer.”

K12itc recently announced its new Wi-Fi on School Buses solution which is being launched nationwide. “Our relentless drive for innovation and continuous improvement is setting the curve for K-12 technology today and tomorrow,” said Sandt.

Compiled annually, the Kansas City Business Journal’s list of the area’s Fastest Growing Companies is determined by average annual revenue growth rate. The 2014 list includes honorees from industries as diverse as agriculture, engineering, retail, insurance and financial services.

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K12itc, a K-12 education focused, cloud-based technology company, announced today that it will open a data center in Chicago. This center, which opens on Monday, December 15, is located in the Lakeside Technology Center, the world’s largest data center.

This expansion allows K12itc to offer additional services and reach more schools across the Midwest. This includes backing up schools’ data every hour instead of every day, and protecting the schools’ technology systems from harm in case of a natural disaster.

“Opening this new data center allows us to provide and expand our optimum online capabilities to school districts across the Midwest,” said Brad Sandt, president and CEO of K12itc. “We will not only be able to protect their system in case of disaster, but more importantly, we will be able to back up their system in an easy, cost effective manner that allows school IT staff and teachers to focus on what they do best, educating our students.”

K12itc signed a two-year lease at the Lakeside Technology Center, a 1.1 million square foot multi-tenant data center, located at 350 East Cermak. This will be the company’s third data center location.

The Lakeside facility has four fiber vaults and three electric power feeds, which provides than 100 megawatts of power. In addition, the building contains a state-of-the-art cooling system that relies on an 8.5 million gallon tank of refrigerated liquid to keep the computers cool.

KANSAS CITY, MO—June 26, 2013—This month, Kansas City-based technology company K12itc landed three service agreements with schools in the Kansas City metro area, totaling over $1 million in revenue for the small business.  K12itc has secured a total of seven managed service contracts in the last 11 months in Missouri, Kansas and Michigan.

“All of our current contracts are very unique, but have one common goal,” explains Brad Sandt, founder of K12itc.  “They are all improving the impact of technology in the classroom.  These three contracts alone prove the need of our services in the marketplace.”

The three managed service agreements represent a public school, private school and charter school in the Greater Kansas City area. The largest agreement of three is with Cameron R-I School District where K12itc will oversee all technology operations for the district. Hogan Preparatory Academy is the second school that came on board this past month.

“We knew this would be a good partnership and long lasting relationship because it frees our tech directors so they can do more educating,” explains Dr. Danny Tipton, superintendent of Hogan Preparatory Academy.  “The idea that K12itc will support us in our growth is something we found to be very appealing.”

The third and final agreement is with St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School. K12itc will provide support for all of
St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School’s Apple devices including Mac OSX computer labs, MacBooks, iPads and Mac servers.

Sandt attributes much of K12itc’s growth and success to the hard work of his 18-person staff.

“The best part of running K12itc is seeing the individual’s hard work come to fruition,” he explains.  “Our staff works hard every day.  We continue to receive additional brand recognition in the marketplace because of them.”

In addition to its three new managed service contracts, K12itc has expanded its geographic clientele to include Starr Detroit Academy in Michigan.  In the past year, K12itc has created 18 new jobs, fulfilling the company’s four-year growth plan three years in advance.

“Both our new and existing contracts give us the opportunity to bring our passion and expertise to every school we work with,” says Sandt.  “They allow schools to relieve the pressures of utilizing internal resources and start focusing solely on the education of students.”

“Schools need to take advantage of every opportunity,” says Dr. Tipton.  “One of those opportunities is technology.  Our kids are digital natives.  We have to teach them in a way that they will be engaged.”

K12itc will continue to expand its cloud and tech services to K-12 schools throughout the nation in 2013 and 2014.  K12itc has recently partnered with other tech companies in order to fulfill the growing demand of its unique service.

KANSAS CITY, MO—March 26, 2013—Last week, Kansas City-based technology company K12itc landed its first out-of-region client and has expanded its technology solutions and cloud services to K-12 schools nationwide.

To begin its national expansion, K12itc will set up a new technology infrastructure throughout Starr Detroit Academy (SDA), a charter school in Detroit, Michigan. K12itc will provide comprehensive implementation of wired, wireless, voice infrastructure, media center expansion, annual network monitoring and network maintenance for SDA.

As K12itc’s first client outside of Kansas and Missouri, the SDA project is pioneering innovative solutions for K-12 educators across the entire Midwest.  This project alone will enhance technology’s impact on education and accelerate SDA’s journey to 21st century learning.

“This is a great expansion project for K12itc,” said Brad Sandt, founder of K12itc.  “It allows us to craft our services to a national scale.  Plus, working with SDA will help us demonstrate that we can operate in any region or territory.”

In addition to expanding its geographic clientele, K12itc has grown into a successful, revenue generating small business.  In less than one year, the startup has aggressively increased its revenue and has created 17 new jobs.  Additionally, K12itc is on track to fulfill its expansion plan with the Missouri Quality Jobs Program (a part of the Missouri Department of Economic Development) three years early.  K12itc currently has two open positions to fill.

“We believe schools recognize that our quality of service and our customer service exceed other local companies,” explains Sandt.  “Word is traveling about our unique product and we are getting more inquiries every day.  We provide an aggressive price point, great customer service and we are always looking to operate as a partner.”

K12itc will continue to expand its cloud and tech services to K-12 schools throughout the nation in 2013.  K12itc has recently partnered with other tech companies in order to fulfill the growing demand of its unique service.