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K12itc Ranks #5 on Ingram’s 2016 Corporate Report 100

In July 2016, Ingram’s Magazine released their 31st Annual Ranking of Kansas City’s 100 Fastest Growing Comapnies. K12itc ranked #5.

5. K12itc   Growth: 456.27% | Average Annual Growth Rate: 152.09% | Gross Revenue: 2015: $7,526,686 | 2012: $1,353,069 | Full-time employees: 30| 1st year
Brad Sandt worked as an IT administrator for 14 years in the Park Hill School District before the entrepreneurial bug bit him in 2010. He had an idea for a company that could deliver IT tools focused specifically on K-12 education, and set out to create what today is known as “Albert”—a program that bundles every aspect of a school’s IT infrastructure, connectivity and maintenance into one package, with a predictable monthly fee. K12itc owns and maintains the equipment; the schools are responsible for maximizing its potential. Better technology, he believes, leads to better teaching and better learning. Since launching the company with three employees, Sandt has seen the staff grow tenfold, and K12itc has more than 80 new client schools and systems, a response that he considers validation of the vision. “A lot of people took K-12 as an afterthought” for IT programming before the company launched, Sandt said, “so it stood out as a real business opportunity for us.”

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