School safety continues to be one of the top priorities for school districts. Studies have shown that student learning can be directly affected by their perceptions of safety in the classroom. To meet these needs, schools often implement physical security systems to provide better safety. However, these systems can become a significant challenge for school districts.


At k12itc, we aim to make physical security simple and effective. We know that securing your schools is very different than other businesses. You need a flexible, reliable solution that that is not invasive to the learning environment. k12itc’s services help cost effectively secure your schools so you can focus on teaching and learning. It’s that simple.


Access Control

School districts naturally have many entry and exit points that can be a physical security concern. As such, controlling entry into school district facilities should be a critical component of your security plan. At k12itc, we provide solutions to secure and monitor physical entry points so you can control who enters your building, and from where.


Video Surveillance

Schools see more traffic throughout the day than most buildings. Students and staff are continuously moving throughout hallways, out to recess or in and out to busses. It can be overwhelming at times to continuously monitor this traffic for security. k12itc video surveillance solutions provide a mechanism to actively monitor your facilities and react to incidents when needed. We understand the complications of achieving optimal video surveillance in schools.

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