What is it?

albert is a new model for delivering technology. It bundles every aspect of a school’s IT infrastructure, connectivity and maintenance into one efficient package, and delivers it for a predictable monthly fee. The equipment, and responsibility for it, is ours. The ability to brilliantly engage and continually inspire students is yours.

The genius of albert is in how it simplifies and combines the way technology is delivered to schools. albert empowers schools to take a big leap forward.




Meet albert

Extended Technical Support

albert is actively managed by k12itc technology experts, all with deep K-12 experience. Teachers and staff have access to extended technical support with 24/7 monitoring so learning never stops.

Save Money

At a time when funds are stretched and wish lists are long, albert delivers more for less. School districts typically save 10-15% with the albert model. Think of the possibilities created by returning that to your budget.

Increase Opportunity

In an albert school, resources and opportunities for everyone expand. Even the smallest schools have access to a world of knowledge that can’t be contained within the walls of a single school. Teachers can open their classrooms to experts a thousand miles away.

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