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Devices as a ServiceExpert K-12 Technology Assessments

The right technology not only makes your job easier but also has the ability to boost security, mitigate risk, and cut cost. At k12itc, we work collaboratively with schools and districts to assess technology already in use. Technology Assessments include professional recommendations designed to drive IT strategy, improving performance for many years to come.

Our process begins with one-on-one stakeholder interviews, where we gather insight into current processes and challenges. We then look at your technology’s physical environment, your network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and backup capabilities. Our technicians further evaluate the suitability of end-user devices and software, technology support, technology processes, communications, instructional technology, purchasing and lifecycles.

Our consultants are experts in innovative client- and cloud-based solutions along with the K-12 learning environment, able to assess your network, hardware, and software solutions to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We align and prioritize our recommendations with the goals and needs of your faculty, students, and staff. We then present a detailed, customized report that outlines important recommendations that will drive the strongest return for your investment.

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