k12 CloudWatch

Who's Watching Your Network?

24/7 K-12 Cloud-based Network Monitoring

School networks demand continual attention, with teachers, administrators, and students relying daily on your network to manage routine tasks, communications, and classroom instruction. k12itc provides around-the-clock peace-of-mind at a price point your organization can comfortably absorb.

CloudWatch is a customizable solution that delivers cloud-based network monitoring for Greater Kansas City and surrounding territories. We intimately understand technology demands within your learning environment. That’s why we watch your internal network around-the-clock, measure response time, assess availability, and alert your IT contact should we notice signs of server or connection overload. Receive immediate notifications by email, SMS, or pager. Gain the visibility needed to address an impending crash before it happens and respond rapidly should problems arise.

To boost network performance, uptime, and organizational productivity, we concentrate on more than 100 critical sensor types for the most common network services including Ping, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and FTP. Our system records historical data on request time and downtime, providing a solid basis for internal trending and analysis. CloudWatch is also easily expandable for future growth.

Simplify network management, reduce IT staff burden, and boost productivity with specialized cloud-based network monitoring for the K-12 learning environment. Contact us to learn more about CloudWatch.


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