k12 CloudRack

Cloud Computing Made Simple

Pre-Built K-12 Cloud Computing Infrastructure

CloudRack backs your school district with reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure, so administrators can focus on maximizing the use of technology and supporting students. Pre-built configurations are designed specifically with your learning environment in mind for peace-of-mind and ease-of-use.

Don’t risk costly infrastructure deployments that necessitate complex, ongoing maintenance following implementation. Expect only the best, with CloudRack’s state-of-the-art components from preeminent technology vendors like EMC, HP, Cisco, VMware, and Citrix. Partner with a company that will ensure infrastructure and component maintenance is built-in as part of your annual maintenance agreement. No added cost. No surprises.

We maintain your infrastructure with routine monitoring, upgrades, and health checks. Ensure uninterrupted business continuity, with all confidential electronic data, records, correspondence, and routine backups protected from natural disaster and unauthorized access.

CloudRack helps you stay in complete control, while also delivering the flexibility needed to accommodate increasing demands. We handle everything for you, reducing network complexities and explaining concepts clearly in plain English. With infrastructure managed from the cloud, schools can increase technology without increasing their workload.

Stay adaptable and in control with pre-built cloud configurations. Contact us to learn more about CloudRack.


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