Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere Access

 School districts are well on their way to the digital age. Instruction and district operations are becoming increasingly integrated with technology to provide enhanced learning opportunities and greater efficiencies. However, this transformation comes with complications.The inability to access software applications outside of the school building can greatly limit the success of digital deployments. In order to achieve the full potential of these systems they must be available at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. The cost and complexity of this type of system creates real heartaches for school districts.

Finally, classrooms without walls!

At k12itc, we see anytime, anywhere access along with 24/7 support as an integral component to education in the 21st century. Our services are designed to enable access to most applications from any internet connected device including laptops, desktops and various mobile devices outside of school walls.

The benefits of anytime, anywhere access extend beyond the realm of instruction. With k12itc’s solutions, your staff will be able to access resources outside of the district at anytime. The result is a significant rise in productivity by increasing the availability of applications to any internet-connected computer.

Whether it is a Mac, PC, iPhone© or iPad© – you choose the device you want to use. Our services are designed for ease of use, reliability and flexibility so you can access resources when you want, where you want. We make it happen – anytime, anywhere.

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