Hosted Single Sign-on

Hosted SingleDevices as a Service Sign-on

Do your users log-in once – or has IT security become a nuisance with multiple hurdles? Give users a quick and easy way to access, send, and retrieve important information. Boost productivity with k12itc’s hosted single sign-on solution, offering users access to all applications and data via one existing account through a popular system like Google, NBC Learn, or Blackboard.

Hosted single sign-on unifies and simplifies numerous account logins into just one, minimizing the risk of forgotten passwords and the associated strain on IT personnel. Integrate your authentication system to improve security site-wide, with users able to instinctively sign-in and -out of all properties with a single action. Because users are accustomed to entering just one authenticated password, you further reduce the risk of unauthorized access via phishing.

Improve usability by requiring just one easy-to-remember log-in/password combination and avoid frustration involved in frozen accounts due to multiple failed attempts. Single sign-on helps teachers, administrators, and students accomplish more while staying focused on their core curriculum.


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