Exclusive Focus

School Districts operate differently than traditional businesses. Their IT needs are different. They need an IT company that understands and caters to those differences. k12itc is that Company.


Traditional IT outsourcing service companies focus on businesses and will offer their services to school districts as a bolt on to their normal offerings. At k12itc, we believe school districts should come first and offer our services only to them. This exclusive focus allows us to offer the best possible service and support. It also allows us to stay in tune with our customers individualized needs.


Our focus on school districts is not just a bolt on service to our normal offerings, they are our only offerings. It is our primary business, just like education is yours. Our experience and detailed understanding of K-12 organizations allows us to implement more efficient, effective and reliable solutions than any other company. Our competitiors do not completely understand the the unique challenges you face each day. We do.

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